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Anna Johnson May 1, 2024

How to Solve Temporary Unemployment by Effective Finance Strategies?

Unemployment is a real problem we are all aware of. The void it creates is terrible for a person to go through. The money stops coming. The bills are pending. And, frankly speaking, you get closer to the risk of debt. You don’t want debt to ruin your life. You don’t want unemployment to bring …

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Anna Johnson April 30, 2024

Tips on how to successfully do budgeting when you are retired

Despite acting upon the advice of financial advisors, you may find it hard to figure out how much you will need to see you through retirement. If your health and fate support you, you can start your own small business to make some cash, but unfortunately, many people suffer from ailments in the advanced years …

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Anna Johnson April 26, 2024

How do you escape poverty if debt exceeds income?

Are you struggling with debt and need practical solutions? You might be tired of reading tips like- spending low money or not dining out for a while. Yes, these are important, but tackling debt is more important than this. It involves analysing your finances and liabilities and planning debt repayment.  However, individuals facing a sharp cash crunch as unemployed …

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Anna Johnson April 25, 2024

7 unconventional strategies to boost your credit scores

Are you having anxiety because of poor credit scores? You cannot focus on creating a stable financial state when your credit history remains blemished. It is a clear indication that financial issues are still pending. You must pay attention to them first before chasing financial goals. Credit improvement is the only safe way to free …

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Anna Johnson April 16, 2024

What are balloon payments on car finance?

Individuals buy a car by choosing the best finance agreement. Car finance helps one spread the costs in equal instalments. It is just about exploring the best quotes. While comparing these, you must have encountered the term “balloon payment”. What is balloon payment on car finance? Does it benefit you in any way? What is …

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Anna Johnson April 15, 2024

Loans For Wedding vs. Savings: What’s the Best Option?

The costs at weddings just seem to keep inflating from one year to the next. What once was the percentage of a family that made up the bulk of salary is now the primary use of the income spent by most couples. Places, food, outfits, which include a photographer and other extras are quickly remembered …

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