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How Much You Want to Borrow

Installment Loans - More than Just a Financial Support!

At some stage in your financial life, you have to seek financial support from somewhere. No, we are not talking about asking for money from your friends or relatives. We are indicating the loans.

The installment loans in the UK are such a category of personal loans, which can work as financial support anda means of re-stabilising your funding standards.

At 24cashflow, we offer loans on the borrower-friendly norms, particularly the competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms. We are determined towards the flexible lending policy where we finalise the loan terms according to the borrowers’ affordability.


Following are the essential features of online installment loans, which we offer:-

  • Loans for Everyone:

    Whether you need loans to fulfil a desire or to accomplish a need, we make loans available for everyone. The best thing about our loans is that the terms remain the same for tenants, homeowners, employed or unemployed.

  • 100% Online Procedure:

    We have a complete online procedure to receive the loan approval. The loans are meant for quick funding at crucial times. We make this possible with keeping the loan application procedure online without unnecessary documentation.

  • No Upfront Charges:

    You apply for the loans because you need a backup to sort out your financial difficulties. 24cashflow is the responsible private lender in the UK and understand what you want from us.

What are the benefits of Installment Loans from Direct Lenders Only?

You apply for the loans because you need a backup to sort out your financial difficulties. 24cashflow is the responsible private lender in the UK and understands what you want from us.

You have several benefits of direct lender installment loans for bad credit, such as:-

  • Flexible Repayments:

    The best thing about our service is that we allow aspirants to choose repayment terms. It helps a lot in utilising personal installment loans by repaying them on time and brings necessary improvement in their financial record.

  • Fast Loan Approval:

    As soon as you submit your loan application, we are able to approve the loan instantly. We keep the criteria on simple norms and no obstacle comes in your way.

  • Use for any Purpose:

    Do you need funds for debt consolidation? Does your business require quick funding to manage urgent expenses? If yes, short term installment loans from direct lenders can be the funding source, which can solve your personal or business purpose.

  • Improve Your Credit Score:

    These loans can be the way to improve credit scores. These loans have manageable monthly installments, which further allow enhancement in the credit scores.

Can 24cashflow Offer Installment Loans for Bad Credit?

If you ask anyone about the biggest obstacle in applying for a loan, it will be none other than the individual with bad credit scores. Past credit history reduces the trustworthiness of the borrowers, and the mainstream lenders do not consider their application.

You still have the opportunity to get small installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only. As said earlier, we follow the flexible policy and take the approval decision on the borrower’s income capacity.

Here is the criterion of the loan approval:-

  • Recent Financial Commitment

    What you had done earlier does not matter to us. Instead, what is your recent financial commitment paves the way for almost the guaranteed approval.

  • Current Income Status

    If your current income has the capability of repaying the loan throughout the term, we approve your loan application on the same day, followed by fund disbursal in a few minutes

  • We do not need a guarantor

    We make borrowing a lot easier for our borrowers by allowing loan applications with no guarantor needed. You can apply for loans in your own capacity and improve the credit score further.

An important note: Since you already have a poor credit score, we suggest not borrowing more than your actual financial needs and the repayment capacity. If you can do so, you can get the best deal on bad credit installment loans from direct lender in the UK.

Can I Get Installment Loans with No Credit Check?

Expectations do increase when you get the loans on easiest terms. Therefore, many borrowers aspire for installment loans with no credit check from direct lenders.

No credit check is because of the poor credit score. However, 24cashflow is the responsible direct lender in the UK and approved a loan on the soft credit check policy. We check the borrower's credit score, but only to ensure affordable loan for everyone.

We may consider no credit check installment loans only if borrower's recent financial performance is good and all the debts have been paid on time. Indeed, your monthly income does play a crucial role in the loan approval.

What are the types of Installment Loans in the UK?

At 24cashflow, we provide the features and benefits that are borrower-friendly or as same as payday installment loans. We go beyond it and offer loans in varieties.

Before going to the loan types, we advise you not to borrow more than your capacity. It will become easier later and help in enhancing the credit report.

Weekly Installment Loans Monthly Installment Loans
  • Repay the loan on a weekly basis
  • Ideal for small funding
  • First-time borrowers can apply
  • It does not impact your credit profile
  • Make repayments on each month
  • Suitable for medium-term or long-term funding
  • Registered borrowers have significant benefits
  • Proper repayment improves credit scores

I want Installment loans near Me. Can 24cashflow Offer?

24cashflow has an online presence all over the UK, and anyone from anywhere can avail of our installment loans with direct lenders’ facilities. Whether you are living in Leeds, London or Manchester, you get same-day funding.

  • Instant loan approval
  • Same day fund transfer
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Fee-free lending advice
  • Common rules for everyone with any credit scores

We do not want to disappoint you by imposing any surprising cost. The rates that you receive in the initial loan quote will remain throughout the loan term. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact us anytime. Once there is no confusion, you can start applying for installment loans by clicking here.