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While some people are blessed with an uncanny ability to make their money work for them, others struggle to get the basics right. Financial matters are complicated and many of you refuse to face up to them.

According to the latest research, the average debt per adult continues to pose a threat to their financial well-being in the UK. Credit card debt, with an average interest rate standing at 24%, which was 18% above the base rate, rose by 9.2% in December last year.

More than 51% of households revealed that their savings comprise wages of less than three months. 25% of people were struggling with unaffordable rents. Despite falling inflation in absolute terms, people are struggling to manage their money, thanks to the ongoing burden of their debts.

Another survey has reported that women are spending less of their money on discretionary expenses, up to 21% of their income, which is less than 7% of that of their male counterparts. They put by only 15% of their income, compared with 18% that men can save.

You will possibly be making a few FINANCIAL MISTAKES. Take a look at them and ways to fix them.

  • You do not face up to the facts

Past money mistakes can elicit a feeling of shame and guilt. Many people do not want to talk about money because they do not want to admit their spending behaviours are not good. Money management becomes a headache for many women because they restrict themselves from spending on things they want to otherwise. When you see your peers living better lives than you, you abandon yourself to despair and give up on improving your finances.

Quick fix tip:

You cannot get to grips with your money unless you admit that your finances need your attention. You should not compare your financial condition with others because their wages can be higher than yours or expenses can be less than yours. Rise above your feelings of shame and guilt and figure out what you can do to fix money problems.

  • You do not create a budget

Budgeting is monotonous and tortuous, and therefore, many women tend to avoid it. Planning is imperative to make anything successful. Whether you have to start a business or you have to buy a new car, you will have to do research. You cannot make a decision in the rush.

Quick fix tip:

Budgeting is a tool to get control of your money. First, set aside money you need to meet essentials such as rent, food, clothes and the like. This will help you get an idea of how much money you are left with. This money should be used for a rainy-day fund and discretionary expenses. If it is not much, you should see ways to whittle down your essentials.

For example, buying clothes from thrift stores can help you save money. Budgeting also ensures savings for unforeseen expenses. In case it falls short, you can consider taking out a quick cash loan.

  • You do not monitor your expenses

It is paramount to keep tabs on your expenses. Your budget will take you nowhere if you do not keep tabs on your spending. When you know where your money is going, you can easily spot areas where you should cut back on. Tracking opens the door to opportunities for better utilisation of your money.

Quick fix tip:

Tracking will let you know where your money goes. You cannot create an effective spending strategy without understanding your expenses. It can seem a headache to monitor your outgoings, but it should not if you periodically check your expenses.

  • Jot down all of your expenses in a diary. Even the tiniest expenses are important to jot down.
  • Tally your accounts every day before going to bed.
  • Divide your expenses into different categories so you know which one is exhausting the most significant portion of your money.
  • Find out ways to bring them to a minimum.

With the help of tracking your expenses, you can be in control of your money.

  • You do not negotiate your salary

You should know your worth while accepting a job offer. Employers will try to convince you to accept less pay, but you should know the industry trends. Make sure that you are not accepted less than your make counterparts. There are circumstances when you have no choice but to accept a low-pay offer but keep in mind this can make it difficult for you to get by. You may not be able to save enough money. As a result, you will more likely rely on urgent loans for bad credit from a direct lender.

Quick fix tip:

You should never be afraid of asking salary that you think you deserve based on your skills and experience. Make an impression on your employer during the interview. Get an idea of interview questions from the internet. Rehearse what you will say about yourself, accomplishments and challenges.

  • You do not responsibly manage your debt

One of the significant reasons for poor money management is too much debt. You keep borrowing money without knowing the consequences.

Quick fix tip:

You should understand how each type of credit works and their implications on your credit report and financial condition. You should do research to improve your knowledge about loans.

  • Understand the difference between good debt and bad debt.
  • Get help from a financial advisor if you are already stuck in debt.

The bottom line

The aforementioned financial mistakes should be addressed without further ado if you want to be in control of your money. Poor money management can lead to various financial problems. Fortunately, you can tackle this issue with the help of budgeting.

Money management is an ongoing process. You cannot rest on your laurels once you are back on the track. You will keep tracking spending and saving money.

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