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So, you want to start working part-time?                

I can say you can welcome this decision. If you ask me why then I would plainly respond by saying, “You’ll need it considering today’s living costs.”

As a matter of fact, most people are not aware of the fact that earning from one source, which is the main earning you get from your day job or night shift, is not always going to give you all the financial backup you will need at all times.

Instead, it is better to find more meaningful ways of professional where you can earn money by more smart work and less tedious hard work you are doing every single day either in your cubicle or at home.

In terms of flipping the coin, I can say there are no such one-way solutions or quick relief to this problem, But part-time work may get you somewhere you would like to be. Added to that, you can also get more of that idea when you can make yourself more familiar with the work outside your day job.

Getting a vibe, right?

Well, let me enhance it for you in the next paragraph.

Why Working Part-Time Is Actually More than Mere Money

Well, to answer that question, we must stick to finding out why we are looking for part-time jobs with such intense focus.

I have seen people from my own neighbourhood apply for business loans for bad credit in the UK to make their work-from-home setup. On asking them, I got to know that they made that setup because they have got profitable part-time or freelancing projects. Others told me they invested money in professional courses to work with other companies side-by-side with their full-time work.

So, there are perks of part-time or freelance work. You are missing them out if you haven’t known them yet.

Well, I can write them down for you below if you want to read them.

  • First comes the income, and I have got to say that income is marvellous with a part-time job if you are a smart time manager.
  • You will get more professional exposure with a part-time job.
  • Add more experience to your CV, and that experience can also be one in a completely new professional domain.
  • You can later switch to full-time when you are not working part-time.
  • Yes, there is a chance for you to shift to a business if you have got enough channels with people who are working part-time or if you have been able to market yourself well.
  • You can work on more than one part-time or freelance project.

All these perks sound attractive. However, just like a full-time job, a part-time job also needs commitment and confidence from you. It is time for you to find that out with these questions mentioned below:

Question 1: How Long Can I Work?

This factor is essential to everybody. It is because a large chunk of time is the time your day job devours.

In that regard, much of the answer to this question depends on a few very important factors, and they are:

  • How long do you work at your permanent job
  • How long do you have for relaxation so that you can use a portion of that in your side-hustle
  • Do you work during the day or the night?
  • Can the part-time work you want to do be conducted within gaps, or is it something you need to do continuously?

Based on these factors, you can decide what to do to find the right part-time job.

Question 2: Can I Work Anywhere in Any Designation Given to Me?

Most work you want to do is the kind of work you know. Now, if the work you are choosing is something manual, then you won’t have doubts about it.

However, if you have a choice for a particular niche of work, then you can search for jobs from the very first, keeping that ‘need’ in mind. You might also invest in a short-term professional course to train yourself before entering the professional world.

Question 3: What Kind of Part-Time Jobs Do I Want?

See, there is a variety of part-time work. Some of them are called freelancing. Others are known as contractual work.

Here are some of them:

Part-time work is typically the work you do every day in your spare time. There might be time limits to it.

Freelance work is also part-time work, but it is based more on the contractual and project-based sides. Usually, you do not have any time barriers for freelance work.

A contractual work exists for a time period. It works almost in the same way a freelance job works.

Some also think of business as a part-time activity. But a business is more than an ‘activity’. We can discuss that in some other post. But yes, you can do a business and start conducting it after your day job or in your spare time.

Question 4: Why Am I Considering a Job Like This?

Are you doing this job for money? This is the most obvious reason, though.

Or are you doing it for more professional experience?

Well, I would suggest taking both as the reason you signed up.

Question 5: Can I Do It Long-Term?

Once you start a part-time job, I can tell you that you are going to feel tired. But if you make adjustments (just a few) in your life and stay consistent, then you will reap the fruit later.

Freelancing on a project for a particular time can help you with this. You can take a break for a month or two or more when you have finished your work. However, this may not get approved with part-time work because you have to keep working.

Even for freelance, being consistent will give you better results. You can say the break you get after completing your work is a bonus.

If you don’t want to lose time and start freelancing/ part-time work now, choose to make your workstation immediately. As mentioned earlier, signing up for a course is also helpful.

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Some Pro Tip before Conclusion

Let’s say you are a data analyst in your day job.

Are you going to look for another data-analyst position for your part-time work?

Well,  I would recommend going to another course where you will learn something new.

And that counts for your CV, get it.

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