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Following a playoff final victory by a score of 1-0 over a spirited Ukraine team, Wales has qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 64 years.

Andriy Yarmolenko’s own goal in Cardiff’s pandemonium put Ukraine in Group B with England, the U.S., and Iran. Wales will be the first team the U.S. will play at the World Cup.

On November 21, the game between the two teams will be held at the Al Rayyan Stadium. After that, the final game for both sides will take place on November 29 and pit England against Wales.

Wales Beating Ukraine

Both Wales and Ukraine had a lot riding on the outcome of the encounter. Wales wanted to qualify for the first time since 1958. Wales hadn’t made it since 1958.

Both teams missed many scoring opportunities, despite the game’s close score. On Wednesday, though, Wales was far more successful than Scotland was in denying Ukraine access to the ball in the middle of the field. Yarmolenko’s collision with Joe Allen resulted in the referee deciding not to award a penalty to Ukraine. This may be considered bad for the Ukrainian team.

The video assistant referee looked out the event, but the referee, Antonio Mateu Lahoz, was not given any instructions to look at the screen.

In the first few minutes of the game, Oleksandr Zinchenko also had a swift free-kick that was ruled out. With 15 minutes left to play, Wales had many opportunities to extend their advantage but were unable to do so.

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Brennan Johnson struck the post while Heorhiy Bushchan stopped Gareth Bale. Wayne Hennessey, Wales’ greatest player, saved a late header from Artem Dovbyk to take his team to the World Cup.

Since his last appearance for Burnley on January 2, Hennessey has not been on the field. A ‘Golden Generation’ that includes Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, and Joe Allen has been instrumental in Wales’ recent success, helping the nation qualify for three of the major tournaments they have competed in during the past four years.

They began a miraculous run that took them all the way to the semi-finals of the European Championship in 2016, and they also advanced to the knockout rounds of the competition the previous summer.

The History of Wales

Although England’s history is littered with matches against Wales, this will be the first time the two teams have ever competed against one other at this level of a World Cup. Before 1958, the Red Dragons had never been to the World Cup Finals.

At that time, Brazil, which would go on to win the tournament, was the team who eliminated them in the quarterfinals. After winning their first playoff game against Austria in March, Wales had to wait until June to play their last playoff game against Ukraine in order to secure their position in Qatar. Before that, Wales had already secured their spot by beating Austria in March.

Andriy Yarmolenko scored their own goal after a Gareth Bale free-kick hit him in the back of the head. This goal won the game in Cardiff and sent Wales to the World Cup Finals for the first time in 64 years.

The team that England is fielding this year: Their Best Ever?

This is already the best period of form in the history of the nation, and if you scroll through the list of names of players hoping to make the plane to Qatar, you could make the case that this is the best England squad that has ever been assembled.

England reached the semi-finals in 2018 and 2021 but lost in a shootout. Younger readers may be weary of hearing about it, but it’s hard to believe how far England has gone since the tabloid hatred and inter-club rivalry.

Younger readers are undoubtedly weary of reading about the 2000s “Golden Generation”. Gareth Southgate’s camp is happy, determined, and cohesive. They’re cultural ambassadors, progressive young men who have instilled national pride in the England football team. Simply reaching that point is a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself.

Take a look at how well Harry Maguire and Jack Grealish played in England’s 3-0 victory over the Ivory Coast if you’re curious about whether the positive feelings are simply the result of England’s smooth progression through the tournament against nations that aren’t as strong as they are (and England have enjoyed very kind draws under Southgate).

Both players have been through trying seasons with their clubs, but when they were representing England, they looked as confident as they have in the past. This demonstrates the strength that comes from having a cohesive locker room and a manager that is encouraging.

Analysis of England’s Line Up

The opportunity to play for England provides the players with a chance to revitalise themselves and is a welcome change of pace for them. Southgate has a great eye for the style that is most suited for international play, even if it means sacrificing some of his more brilliant offensive players. Despite concerns about Southgate’s aptitude, he has a good eye for international-level performance.

Southgate has researched the teams who have triumphed in major tournaments during the 21st century. It has rightly determined that the key to success in international football is playing in a tight manner while maintaining a level of control. Similarly, a person should conduct thorough research before applying for instant cash loans.

From Italy’s naked prudence in 2006 to Germany and France’s counterattacking in 2014 and 2018, winning needs a deep line of engagement, compressing space, and using transitions. The progression has demonstrated this from Italy to Germany and France. It takes a lot of time to train the structures necessary for the type of intense pressing and possession game that is trendy at the club level (and hence frequently desired by spectators).

Time is a scarce commodity at the international level. Therefore, even though you may have a strong desire to watch players like Trent Alexander-Arnold racing down the wings and Jadon Sancho and Grealish slashing through opponents from either flank, Southgate will never embrace this type of game.

Information Regarding Tickets

FIFA is the only authorised retailer of World Cup 2022 tickets, and they are available for all matches. Joining the England Supporters Travel Club will allow you to purchase tickets in the area of the stadium that is designated for England fans. Members will also get priority access to home match tickets and may be eligible for tickets to away games. In addition, members of My England Football are given access to home tickets before the general public.

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How to Watch Online?

The broadcast schedule for the 2022 World Cup has not yet been finalised. However, the BBC and ITV will show the tournament live in the United Kingdom. The World Cup in Qatar in 2022, the tournament will be held.


Every four years, men’s national teams from all over the world compete in the FIFA World Cup, which is the most important and prestigious football competition that takes place internationally. Teams earn a spot in the World Cup finals by competing in qualification tournaments held by their respective regional federations.

The World Cup itself has two parts: the group stage and the knockout stage. The match between Wales and England is predicted to be a thrilling one.

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