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Liverpool International Music Festival 2022:  What’s Special this Year and Why You’ll Like Love It.

They say music is the food for the soul, ad they are quite right.

I watched an Indian film a few years ago, and there was this funny character, who is a singer and people do not admire his songs. You know that things like these happen to most folks in films such as these.

But I learnt something from that character.

It is that he started music as a universal language. Music doesn’t have any caste, any creed or any nationality…and the thing is, it shouldn’t.  

Liverpool Musical Festival

You want to express yourself, and you have got music at your side.

So whether or not it is a rap song or a country rock one, you will connect to the music of all sorts when you feel connected to the melody and the beats.

This is why the song Taki Taki has got millions of views in English-speaking countries, although it is majorly sung in another language – Spanish.   

Now that you know what songs mean in a general sense, you can concentrate on where you can find them in the UK for 2022 in the form of a festival.

Come on! You all know the place I am speaking about in this post.


LIMF 2022: Why Is It Going to Be a Cracking Festival???

Musical Festival Liverpool

Before you look for loans to book hotel rooms for you and your buddies or family with the advanced help of a loan with no guarantor, do take some time to look at the schedule and the information you have for the events, right.

Look, we need to make this a reality. We need to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. And for that, a little money as backup won’t be an issue.

More on this later.

Now we are going to concentrate on the festival only.

LIMF is going to be organised in Liverpool from Friday, the 29th of July 2022 to Sunday, the 31st of July 2022.

The real fun begins at this festival because we know that it houses both international and national artists and talents on stage, which is going to make it even a cracking show this year.

We need to know a lot about this festival, for which we might interest ourselves in learning a little more about the background of the event in particular.


I bet you are.

What Do You Need to Learn about LIMF?

Like the Wireless Festival, LIMF is one of the most influential music festivals in Queen’s country.

But I didn’t tell you a surprising fact about this yet.

I am going to tell you now.

It is that LIMF is the largest music festival in the UK.

Feeling interested?

Of course, you are!

However, things have changed in recent years. As per regulations, it has been a free event till 2017. In 2018, it became a ticketed event.

So, you have got to buy some tickets to enter the festival.

No worries, though! You can use part of the money from that loan you are about to take out for the hotel and other expenses.

What Do We Get in a Festival of This Kind?

Liverpool Festival 2022

Well, it started way back in 2012. Liverpool is a culturally famous place in the UK; therefore, you have got some good news coming ahead if you are a music enthusiast.

Liverpool’s music orientation and the area’s cultural diversity made it possible for the inception of this festival.

The good things about these sorts of events are many. You can find a lot of them. If you speculate, then you will know that music is the central point of these festivals to happen. But, apart from that, you can do a lot of other subordinate activities in the LIMF if you want to.

Just book a ticket with your buddies to find that out.

The festival goes on for almost 18 hours. And then you have got three stages for hosting the program. Imagine that!

You will be surprised to know that the festival made it possible for 70 artists to perform, and some of them are:

  • Jax Jones
  • Wiley
  • Example
  • Young Fathers
  • Trevor Nelson

Before we get into what’s cooking in this festival for you in 2022, we need to tell you something that you probably didn’t know about it.

The Academic Side of LIMF


Of course!!!

Why would you be standing in the crowd? You can do the same but that in front of them on the stage.

Liverpool International Music Festival aims to recognise musical talents such as DJs and music composers, producers and artists between the ages of 16 and 25. So, if you are a young and talented artist and you are looking for a stage, go ahead and make a step t get to LIMF. It is worth it.

We are going to tell you how this happens, okay?

You have to let the authority know that you are a music producer and that your work can be worthy of a festival of this kind.

So, you send them your creative content and let us give you one of the best ideas over here. Send them your best work, and getting their attention will be worth it.

Once that is reached, you can expect a call from them.

Here is what they do for you to get selected:

  • You will be allowed to perform live on events such as the  LIIMF Summer Jam
  • Performance is also valid for other regular  events hosted by the LIMF  Authority
  • You can access revolutionary masterclasses taught by renowned music professionals or people working in this industry successfully.

But here is something more for you in this regard.

If you get to qualify as one of the top 3 of these candidates, then you will be given an opportunity to be a part of an Elite Talent Development Program, which needs some investment, though.

But BBC Music Introducing will give you a live session for that.

Don’t worry about the money. You will always get an. 

What’s Happening in LIMF 2022?

I am pretty sure people are all pumped up for this event.

Do you know what this year’s theme is?

This year’s theme is called ‘Power to the People & Purpose’. This is because the festival wants to pay homage to those amazing music personalities and composers who sweated through music and made that move no one was willing to make. LIMF is trying to recognise those talents this year that made music in a different way possible and memorable in that very process.

The authority has decided that the festival will be hosted in 25 different venues in Liverpool to make it a grand festival. The UK people should witness the power and expanse of music.

Some areas in the city centre will be booked for the stages.

The Goal of the Event

Not just paying homage to these wonderful artists and producers/ composers, the LLIMF is motivated to help them with some financial aid also as festivals of this kind will assist the artists in gaining money and earning financial strength for the future.  

And in this work, of course, the fans of music are going to step forward.

Now we can know about the venues. What do you say?

Venues and Artists for the LIMF 2022

Here are the places where you can join the famous festival with your buddies. Do check the names of your favourite artists as you are about to meet them pretty soon.

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (Friday, 29th of July)    No FakinBerwynDJ Soul (Live)
and GuestsKojey Radical  
  M&S Bank Arena (Friday, 29th of July)  UB40 ft Ali Campbell and Guests:
DJ Ras Kwame (Capital Xtra)Aswad  
  The Bombed Out Church (St Luke’s) (Friday, 29th of July)    Girls Don’t Sync and Guests  
 East Village Arts Club Liverpool (Saturday, 30th of July)    Supa DGracious KDonchDonae’o Presents
Skank OutRampageVersatileDJ Zeke
East Village Arts  Club Liverpool (Sunday, 31st of July)        Heather Small (M People)House Gospel ChoirDJ Ronnie Herel (MI Soul Radio)
Invisible Wind Factory (Friday, 29th of July)    Glor1aGod ColonyNazarSystem by GaikaFlohioFlora Yin Wong  
24 Kitchen Street (Friday, 29th of July)          Shola AmaShortee BlitzScott GarciaMC Shabba DDJ Caliheartless Crew House PartyDJ SmokeyMC Preshus  
District (Saturday 30 July – Dry bar event)  LIMF Presents…The Shubz (Anthony Walker Foundation Festival After Party)Cuppy (BBC Radio 1Xtra)KizziKenny All-Star (BBC Radio 1Xtra)Sian Anderson (BBC Radio 1Xtra)  
Camp and Furnace (Sunday, 31st  of July)  She Drew The GunBig Joanie – The Dream Machine – BlondesMexican Dogs – Silent K – Psycho ComedyThe Sundowners – Casino – Tilly LouiseRazzmatazz – Fiona LennonThe Heavy North – Pixey – Michael AldagThe Zutons with special guestsRed Rum Club  

Before Concluding: Get a Place to Stay

8 hours of fun and merriment. You do need to put your back down in a warm bed at night.

Now that is impossible if you travel for 4 hours just to reach  Liverpool.

Well, you can book a hotel room or two for your friends and yourself and head home the next day.

In that case, just make sure that you have got some cash money with you. If you don’t, though, then we can help you with an instant unsecured loan, even with bad credit.

Relax about it.

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Interested in joining the LIMF?

Well, we have got your back.

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