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Camb-Bestival Lulworth Castle

UK’s Best Festival Is Now Going To Streaming On

Camp Bestival is considered the UK’s best festival, celebrated by millions of camp lovers. It is an action-packed festival participated by millions of families. It is the largest camping holiday festival, also known as a Festi-holiday. It was launched in 2008, and in the same year, it was awarded as the best new festival in the UK, and later it won this award six times; the last time it won the award was 2019.

This festival is celebrated in Lulworth Castle. It is jam-packed with entertainment and lots of recreational activities, including stellar musical events. This festival features enormous kids’ gardens where your little ones can have fun and thrilling activities for families, from soft play to bushcraft and from circus skills to the world’s biggest bouncy castle.

Camp Bestival has lots of things to entertain both kids and their parents. It also features kids’ shows of all ages like Big Top, Crafty Delights, Daring Antics, Wild Tribe, and the like. It also features a consummate arts programme that hosts contemporary theatre performances and discussions. This is a festival of intellectual nourishment for kids of all age groups. This is what captures the imagination of millions of families. You will enjoy a gourmet treat.

This festival is the best start to the summer holidays. You will get the ultimate experience. The Camp Bestival features musical programmes curated by the best and world-known singers. You will get an indelible experience by attending the festival. It delineates unique elements of the festival.

The history of Lulworth Castle

This castle was built in the 17 century in order to entertain hunting parties by Thomas Howard. The castle was used as a hunting lodge that the king owned until 1641. Then Humphrey Weld rules the castle.

The exterior did not see dramatic changes throughout the years, but the interior evolved a lot until 1929 when a massive fire destroyed it.

The restoration work brought it to life that continued until 1998 y English Heritage and has hosted numerous events since the castle.

Camping Details


As the name suggests, your camping experience will be as awesome as possible. This is the speciality of the festival, so organisers cannot compromise with it.

The festival offers different types of camping fields, for instance, caravan and campervan. Each camp will be full of facilities like showers, washrooms, food stalls, and the like. Many camps offer eco-friendly loos. The festival will be held for up to three days from 28 to 31 July, but all campsites will be opened on Thursday so you can come a day before and set up your camp.

Since entertainment begins on Friday morning, it would be difficult for you to settle in over there. You can plan an itinerary by arriving there a day before the event begins.


Various campsites are located at the castle, but the main is situated at Magic Meadow field. You will have to pick your space for parking your own tent. The main campsite areas have been divided into four coloured zones: purple, yellow, red, and blue.

These colour zones will help you find your camp easily. All of these camps are for family. However, there are some for non-families. They have been marked for identification. Camping Plus is the campsite for those who want to reserve a camp for themselves.

By paying additional fees, you will get a guaranteed plot. You can choose it at the time of buying tickets online. As all plots can be booked separately, you can ensure families of your friends have got adjacent plots. In addition,

Camping Plus allows a dedicated car park, entrance, and convenient access to showers, washrooms, and food stalls. You can take out quick cash loans if you need money to buy tickets.

Camp Pre-pitch

This will make your trip more fantastic. You can book a pre-pitch tent for your weekend stay. You can enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Backstage camping

If you want to avail of premium camping, choose backstage camping. This will let you stay at the weekend. However, you can bring your own camp too if you want.

Note that tickets will be bought for each member of your family separately. The prices may vary as they are set into age ranges. You can take out instant cash loans from direct lenders. You can also bring your own car to the Camp Bestival, but you will have to choose a free car pass option. If you think you will need extras like t-shirts and all, you can tick the option at the time of booking a ticket.

Lulworth-Castle Camp Bestival

Hospitality camping

If you want to get the most exclusive festival experience, hospitality camping will be the best option for you. This includes weekend tickets, which means you can enjoy the festival at the weekend. You are absolutely free to choose the option of staying in, bringing your own live-in vehicle, bringing your own tent pitch and so forth.

At the time of buying tickets, you will have to tick these options. In case of additional facilities, you will have to pay additional charges. You can take out fast cash loans online the same day so you do not need to put off the plan of buying tickets.

Boutique Camping

This field is dedicated to those who want to hire a boutique accommodation. At the time of booking a ticket, you will need to choose the structure you want to hire.

You will have to buy a ticket for each family member, which may vary because of varying ages. Like other camps, you must choose extras if you want to buy them during the festival.

Ticket prices may vary for Friday and weekends. For more details, you need to visit the website and check there.


Bestival Camp Lulworth Castle

Several famous stars are about to perform at the festival this year and are about to make it spellbound. Here are some of the line-ups:


It has a strong history in the British dance music world. Their debut album was released in 2013. You are going to experience live acts at the festival.

Sister Sledge

Legendary disco queens Sister Sledge will make the evening more wonderful. Several party playlists released in their name are very popular. You are going to dove into that vibe in real-time.

Kool and the Gang

They will be the part of Sunday night disco extravaganza. The evening will be bland without the performance of the legendary disco group.


Get into the vibes of the classic band. Re-emerging after the pandemic, the group will enthral you with their performance.

The bottom line

Camp Bestival will be the best festival this year as well. If you are planning to visit the festival for the first time, visit the website and acquire all information. You can get to know about line-ups, ticket pricing, camping types, and other facilities.

If you have a young baby, you do not need to pay for them. However, you will have to add their names to your ticket. For more information, visit the website. You can borrow money if you cannot pay for the ticket outright but check your affordability.

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